Day 4: Hell to Mo i Rana

Distance: 455km + 50 to racetrack
Weather: Rain, rain, rain, no rain at track, rain
Temperature: Tolerable

Daily report:

Starting from Hell in the morning, rain pouring down. Locals arrived to see the cars fire up and get on their way. Only the bravest, three teams, decided to go topless. Looking at the dark clouds ahead this was clearly not everyones cup of tea!
The Bugatti gets its regular topping up of cooleant. Very impressive car indeed! A bit creaky and squealy, but it has no problems keeping up with the other traffic. Kjell Nilsen, 911, and John Rondeau, MGC, discuss strategy before start. Both are battling at the top of the results list.
Today saw the teams do the long treck from Hell to Mo i Rana. 455 kilometres of seemingly endless rain and winding roads. Some pretty scenic views, marred by rather too many slow-driving obstacles. We all arrived safely in Mo i Rana, tired and expectant. The Alvis is still without the starter engine, but finds no lack of willing help to push-start. Yesterdays fun at the racetrack left two Jaguars with broken fan-belts, but a phone to Oslo Jaguar Service got us new ones by plane later in the evening.
Over: These are allowed to pass us. Under: And these we pass!