Day 3: Molde to Hell

Other delights on the track were the 1926 Bugatti, surprisingly fast for its age, and the 300SL and Porsche 356 Speedster both driven by ladies, fast dames indeed! Seeing a brace of Healeys going hell for leather was a treat for the eyes. Other seriously fast cars were the E-type and XK140 driven by Christian Paulsen and Robert Hansen. These guys were going as fast as the cars could possibly go. The other XKs also put in good performances. Seeing these cars being put thorugh their paces with little regard to anything other than getting round the track as fast as they could was a sight that will be in everyones memory for a long time to come. It could also be mentioned that the crew got their chance on the track, Ragnhild in the XJ40 and Nick in the series 1 XJ6, interesting to see these normally sedate sedans screeching round the track at full tilt. Nick also got one of the days big cheers after overcooking it on the first lap, all part of the fun!

More photos from the racetrack:

The infamous Volvo, factory built racecar from 1985. One of three remaining in the world. European champion in 1985.Thai champion in 1987. Putting out 406 turbocharged horses from its 2.1 litre engine. Quite a beast!
Tomorrow is another day on the track, at the Arctic Circle Raceway, a 3500 metre track of international standards. Top speeds will be tested!

Todays competitions:

Control card
Timed runs on race-track

Todays results:

1.23John RondeauMGC
2.30John NobleAustin-Healey 3000 BT7
3.14David InnsTriumph TR5
4.28Dieter OdemannChevrolet Corvette Stingray
5.32Erich KMercedes 300SL
6.33Per Chr. HannestadAustin-Healey 3000 Mk3
7.17Charles SayerTriumph TR3A
8.34Robert HansenXK140 Roadster
9.15Dieter HartlageAustin-Healey 3000 Mk3
10.26Bruce RichardsonAustin-Healey 3000

Total results so far:

1.23John RondeauMGC
2.30John NobleAustin-Healey 3000 BT7
3.14David InnsTriumph TR5
4.33Per Chr. HannestadAustin-Healey 3000 Mk3
5.36Kjell NilsenPorsche 911T


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