Day 3: Molde to Hell

Distance: 290km
Weather: Rainy morning, overcast later, a little sun
Temperature: Pleasant, not too hot

Daily report:

Part of todays competition was to collect a stone weighing 132 grams, a task that a surprising number of the teams managed with surprising accuracy. It transpired that most had checked the weight of their stones at post offices and shops, chipping pieces off to get as close as possible. Initiative pays!

Lånkebanen racetrack

Lånkebanken racetrack, about 1300 metres long, very curvy and hilly. The main task was to drive two laps in as close to the same time as possible, 4 cars at a time. But before this there was to be practice laps at whatever speed the driver felt suitable, a recipe for fun!

Photos from the racetrack: