Day 3: Molde to Hell

Two drivers and cars very cleary singled themself out as the ones to watch, Alastair Caldwell in the Gordon Keeble and Dieter Oderman in the Corvette Stingray. After the preliminary practice laps these two driver were in the same heat for the timed laps. This quickly became a mad race, with Caldwell coming out on top. After everyone had finished their laps there was free driving, 4 cars at a time. This was another chance for Caldwell and Oderman to duel again, accompanied by Kjell Nilsen in his Porsche 911. The joker in the pack was the tracks own car, a very very fast Volvo factory built race car (more info at the bottom of the page). This car was a pure race car running on slick tyres. Needless to say the crowd was following this heat intently, the sound of the cars drowning conversation. Caldwells Gordon-Keeble held the lead with Odermans 'Vette behind. The 911 held up the rear, not really powerfull enough to battle at the top. The Volvo lay behind the leaders, chasing up the tempo, biding its time. After two laps the Volvo had passed the 'Vette, as the 'Vette was having problems with the second gear jumping out into neutral and also several near spins. The Volvo finally overtook the Gordon-Keeble on the last lap, although it can probably be said that it would have done so before if the driver had wanted to. The Gordon-Keeble, putting out 400 horsepower, would have benefited greatly from a stiffer suspension setup and more suitable tyres.

More photos from the racetrack: