Day 5: Mo i Rana to Harstad

Distance: 437km
Weather: Rain, rain, cold wind and rain
Temperature: Another day of top-up, heater on weather

Daily report:

Today we passed the Arctic Circle, taking us yet further towards our destination. With only three days to go we are seeing more and more snow on the mountains and the temperature has been getting decidedly chillier. Todays drive took us first over the Korgen mountain where we stopped for a photo session at the Arctic Circle Center. Most of the teams hastily retreated to the cafe for cups of steaming cocoa.

The weather outside was rather more than most had bargained for, with warm clothes and windproof jackets being rather less than warm enough. Some hardy souls still insist on driving top down, respect due to them!
Todays leg included an hours journey by ferry, and it was on the last kilometres to the ferry-stop that disaster struck. 5 of the cars were caught in a speed trap. Four were fined and one Norwegian driver lost his licence. Luckily the other drivers got word of this dastardly attempt to foil our endevour and managed to elude entrapment. The speed trap was set up in a 60 km/h zone, on a stretch of fine road with virtually no traffic at all. The drivers were clocked at between 82 and 96 km/h. For the driver with the largest fine we had a quick collection and paid off the evil captors. A black day indeed, setting a damper on what had until now been most excellent fun. Still, we will reach the cape, with this experience in mind.

"Press on, regardless!"

This is what the roads looked like today...