Day 4: Hell to Mo i Rana

The Arctic Circle Raceway

Todays highpoint was the scheduled visit to the Arctic Circle Raceway, a 3750 metre feast of glorius high-quality racetrack. We got up there early in the evening and to our sheer and utter joy the skies parted and gave us a dry track. Everyone was let out on the track for practice laps, most finding that the track allowed quite high speeds to be maintained. 90mph on the straights was seen by the most intrepid, although at least the 'Vette and the Gordon Keeble must have been going even faster. Please note that most photos are not individually captioned, you know the cars by now!
The expected battle between Caldwells Gordon-Keeble and Odemans 'Vette was toned down, due partly to worrying sounds from the 'Vettes 7.2 litre V8... Caldwell was chucking the '65 Gordon-Keeble around the track at full whack, no prisoners taken. The amazing freight-train like sound of the 5.3 litre engine really impressed the local track officials and spectators!
Heats were run, with matching cars doing battle for 15 minutes each. Much fun was had by everyone, although most drivers seemed to find a single session quite enough for one day. Of the Healeys, Bruce Richardson was again the fastest, without doubt a guy that knows his car. In another class the "Luggage-support" XJ6 held off the 280SL, although passing the TR5 was difficult.
The ladies were out again, going fast. The red 300 SL of Mrs. Mille Miglia was a very pleasing sight, quite a fast car. Mrs. Thorn was going fast in the 356 Speedster, but was rather startled when she span round in one of the tricky bends. Not surprising if they were a little shaky after that one!
Christian Paulsen was consistenly fast in the E-type roadster, although he retired after mis-gearing and nearly heading off the track. His car was loaned to arranger Morten who drove hard and fast, so hard in fact that it resulted in total brake-failure when a piston in a caliper seized... Still, no casualties and a lot of high speed driving spells fun!
Alistart Caldwell took a few hardy souls for a couple of test rounds in the 400hp Gordon-Keeble. No holds barred, full throttle. For me this was a near religious experience. Blood-draining accelleration, eye-popping braking, tyre-wringing cornering. All accompanied by comments and Alastairs characteristic manic laugh. Life will never be the same again...
Crewgirl Berit is the first to accept the Caldwell Challenge! Morten also accepted a ride
Local maniac crossdresser begs Caldwell for a ride... ... and emerges no more scathed than before. "Luggage support" XJ6 is cooling between rounds
Intrepid reporter Nick hesitantly enters the Gordon-Keeble and experiences total sensory overload On a real racetrack there must be winners. 1. Henning, 2. Ståle, 3. Ragnhild. Dream on!

Todays competitions:

Control cards
No timed rounds at track, due to missing equipment

Todays results:

1.32Erich KMercedes 300SL Roadster
2.25Franz HoeflingerJaguar XK120 Roadster
3.12Armin ThornPorsche 356 Speedster 90
3.14David InnsTriumph TR5
5.36Kjell NilsenPorsche 911T
6.17Charles SayerTriumph TR3A
7.35Christian PaulsenJaguar E-type Roadster
8.34Robert HansenXK140 Roadster
9.15Dieter HartlageAustin-Healey 3000 Mk3
10.13Jaap ElzasJaguar XK150S Drop head
10.19Peter KrausJaguar XK120 Roadster
10.30John NobleAustin-Healey 3000 BT7

Total results so far:

1.14David InnsTriumph TR5
2.30John NobleAustin-Healey 3000 BT7
3.36Kjell NilsenPorsche 911T
4.32Erich KMercedes 300SL Roadster
5.17Charles SayerTriumph TR3A

Tomorrow we cross the Arctic Circle!


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