The Wedding in Trollfjord: Morten & Mona

Morten and Mona had chosen Trollfjorden, a place of quite breathtaking beauty, to get married in. The ship had to go in a very narrow gap between the mountains and into a tiny little fjord with the mountainsides dropping straight into the sea.
Right: Morten and Mona coming
up the isle.
Left: Best man and best woman,
Kai and Tonny.
Their 5 month old daughter, Marthe,
was unimpressed by the procedings.
Hands and toes are far more
interesting at this tender age.
After the local magistrate has done her bit, it is time for best man Kai to recite some touching words.

Find the ring. Put the rings on. Look each other deeply in the eyes. Kiss.

Right: The ceremony over,
papers signed. Morten and
Mona er officially married.
Left: The happy family.
After liberal amounts of champagne it was time for the high class entertainment. Out on the deck the teams all got together to sing a song specially composed for the occasion.