Day 8: Alta to the North Cape

The North Cape!

Finally, after 8 days on the road, covering around 2500 kilometres through bright sunshine and heavy rain, we have reached our destination! After the ferry we drove in convoy the last 30 kilometres up into the mountains to the North Cape plateu.
Open sea, as far as the eye can see. What more can be said?
Time for photos. Top left: The guys from Hamburg, the Thorns and the Hillgrubers. A Mrs. Rondeau has also crept in. Top right Just about everyone, all together.Bottom left: Some of the service team and crew.Bottom center: The rest of the crew, "Internet and luggage support".Bottom right: Nick, posing on the Cape in an XK. Humour me
The North Cape Centre, with all the cars lined up outside. Made quite a change from all the campingcars in the tourist section of the parking space. As at all our stops, the cars had a magnetic effect on people.
Inside the Centre we were served champagne and had the opportunity to look around the centre. The Centre is made in the rock face of the cliff, several stories down. It contains a surround-image cinema, a small chapel, a restaurant and much more.
The Thorns looking out over the
sea from the restaurant balcony.
Contrary to what the photo may
indicate, they are in fact a happily
married couple.