Day 7: Tromsø to Alta

Distance: 390km
Weather: Cloudy morning, rain appeared later
Temperature: Yet colder than yesterday

Daily report:

Making a welcome change to the rain of the last days, the morning dawned with mere cloudy weather. The forecasts were very variable, some promising sun, others more realistic...
The traditional starting of the days driving outside the Scandic Hotel in Tromsø. Plenty of locals had taken the opportunity too look at the cars, both in the rain the night before and this morning. There has been a large amount of interest in the rally everywhere we have travelled through. Today was also the day that Dagbladet, one of the largest newspapers in Norway, was to run the story by the two journalists that followed the second day of the rally.
Since the weather last night was utterly awfull we didn't take any photos of Tromsø. Here we see Odemanns Corvette back on it's wheels and heading towards the bridge that leads off the island that Tromsø city is on. The "Ishavskatedral" is a church famous from a thousand postards. The design is inspired by iceflakes and reflects Tromsøs history as the portal to the arctic regions.
Heading out of Tromsø we see fresh snow on the mountains, not very encouraging in view of the several mountain crossings the day will bring. Also note the speed trap, it takes a photo of any speeders.
First practical problem of the day was to find the height and circumference of this huge rock. The rock has been painted and repainted by travellers signatures for a hundred years.
Snowy peaks and mountainsides dropping straight into the sea. Glacial water with copper deposits gives the fjord a greenish colour. In the photo above left it might be possible to see a little of the glacier.
Crossing the mountain "Kvænangsfjellet" we head into thick fog and rain. Most teams stopped here for some cocoa and food. Food and friends help lift the spirits on a day displaying some of the worst weather so far. We also saw a lot of reindeer grazing contentedly beside the road. The area is quite desolate, with only a very sparse population.
Finally arriving in Alta we are rewarded with a clear view to the North Sea. Dramatic stuff!