Day 1: Oslo to Fagernes

The start!

The start had to be made at 10:00 am sharp, as the hotel was expecting foreign royalty. The pictures show a selection of the cars awaiting the moment of departure.

Ragnhild (from sponsor Oslo Jaguar Service)
had the honour of seeing the teams off on the
first leg of the journey.
In the utterly magnificent weather the drive to the first scheduled stop was a treat for everyone, although the lucky contestants in open cars seemed to enjoy the drive more than the ones in tin-tops. Sunburnt or half-baked?
Although fine weather has been forecast for tomorrow the tin-tops may well find themself the lucky ones once we get farther north.
As you may deduce, I am not driving a roadster... Still, with roads of excellent standard and hardly any traffic the trip was a sensory treat. First class.

Sperrillen Fisheries

The location for todays practical element of the competition took place at Sperillen Fisheries, Norways only fishery for freshwater fish. The cars had a welcome rest in the shade of the trees after a fairly fast start to the day. The only car that didn't make it here in time was the Alvis. Due to problems with the starter it now has to be push-started.
The contestants had to identify a number of freshwater fish, a problem made more difficult by the inclusion of a number of red herrings. Inside there were a number of delicacies to be sampled, prepared of the local fish.
Located in idyllic surroundings by the Sperrillen lake there was a beautiful view to be enjoyed. The contrast of a huge lake with the surrounding mountains can only be described as awesome. A taster for what will be experienced on tomorrows leg of the rally.
The stops provide a good opportunity for the contestants to get to know each other and share experiences. Alistar Caldwell, driver of the immensely impressive Gordon Keeble takes time out to relax the newspaper before the regularity run.